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travelsphotos White light of Kundalini dream I left one of the most beautiful, surreal, and serene campsites I’ve ever been in — it was very private up a mountain, had several brooks and a Aug-28-2019 00:00:00 -0400 Along the Ray August 28, 2019

White light of Kundalini dream


I left one of the most beautiful, surreal, and serene campsites I’ve ever been in — it was very private up a mountain, had several brooks and a creek meandering through the middle of it and had a plethora of life — butterflies, birds (hummingbirds too!), chipmunks, deer, etc. It was a perfect respite from hot days down in the valley,

I would often sit in the middle of a little wooden footbridge crossing the creek, soaking my feet in the cold, clear water and feeling the air cool as it rose through me. Natural air conditioning can’t be beat!

I was flabbergasted that such a place existed on a dry mountain in a desert valley.

It was a very sacred healing place and I stayed nearly a week in paradise until I felt the urge once again to wander onwards. It was hard to leave. I even had tears rolling down my cheeks — I was that attached to the place. But still, it was time to move forward and I bid a fond farewell, knowing it would be never forgotten, always in my heart.

I ended up stopping at Angel Creek & Lake in northeast Nevada on a mountain called Greys Peak, another stunning beauty and paradise of a different sort higher up.

That night I had a profound dream of walking in a meadow where I turned into a powerful beam of white light surging into the heavens. The light flowing through me was so strong, the thrumming so intense I put my hand around my throat to keep it from falling apart.

The dream abruptly stopped.

Later in the morning I woke up feeling exhausted, woozy, and off balance. I wasn’t sure if it was the dreaded dizzies again and I felt nauseous and so worn out. I was also wondering if it was the altitude but it wasn’t as high as other places I’d stay at without any issues.

Maybe I was coming down with something.

I left camp to lower elevations to see if it made a difference. It didn’t and by the time I arrived at Twin Falls in Idaho, I was thoroughly wiped out and I still felt woozy, which really concerned me since it’s unusual for me to feel this way for an extended period of time, even a nap didn’t help. I ended up going to bed early.

When I woke up, I felt slightly better but still heavy in the head and off balance. I knew I needed to meditate, that sensation was strong, a calling, an urging. I could feel a thrumming through me…

As soon as I slipped into meditation and just let go, allowing myself to sink into the thrumming, like an information download, everything flew into place — the reason I felt so sick, tired, exhausted and tippy was because that dream of light was another Kundalini rising experience and when I put my hand to my throat, causing the dream to stop, I aborted the process.

As I’d learned in previous research from prior Kundalini experiences, prematurely stopping a Kundalini process can be messy to one’s body, wreaking havoc with energy stuck and fissuring about trying to find release.

So I further released into the energy and opened the way to Kundalini to finish what it started the other night. Massive flows of light and energy started flowing up my spine and through my throat out of my head. As before, it was an intense and a bit of a painful process, much like throwing up spiritually.

I started feeling relief and while the releasing continued, I re-experienced the dream, seeing and feeling white light coursing through me and exploding into all shades of greens, purples, and blues as it flowed out of me.

I also had flashbacks to two things I saw the day before that were significant messages trying to explain what I needed to finish but didn’t realize at the time. On my way up the mountain to camp at Angel Creek, I came across a dead snake on the road. Snakes represent Kundalini…. That was one sign…

That morning after I woke up from the dream, I took a walk around camp to try and feel better and I came across another snake right in front of my path… and it would not move. I thought it was dead, but it wasn’t. It’s very unusual for a snake not to move out of the way…. Yet another very strong message I needed to finish the Kundalini process.

Looking back on all this, I was surprised I didn’t put it all together after the dream and seeing snakes twice, but I was so out of it and clueless.

Finally, after an hour of finishing up the Kundalini flowing and releasing, I felt much better and a different kind of exhausted - the kind that happens after Kundalini releases and eventually I recovered through the day and returned to normal with a little good kind of tiredness similar to from a hard exercise.

I’m so glad I honored my instinct in the morning when I woke up to go into meditation earlier than usual… it saved my ass. The trapped Kundalini was like trapped snake poison.

All this was also a reminder that we are very much spiritual beings with a human body, not the other way around. I also believe that beautiful campsite I mentioned at the beginning was a trigger, eventually releasing Kundalini at the right time and the right place — at Angel lake/creek of all places.

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