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Marfa Lights Viewing area building. Really nice but did not see any lights yet! December 4, 2022
This guy got me back on the road - replaced sheered bolts and was able to mount spare yay. December 2, 2022
How I keep my tea (or coffee) warm while reading - using top from tea kettle. December 1, 2022
Cacti on a fence and a water tower in Falcon Heights Texas November 30, 2022
Sometimes it seems like I’m in Africa - Falcon Heights Texas November 30, 2022
Camping amongst wind turbines at Falcon County Park in Falcon Heights Texas November 28, 2022
Mexican style cemetery near Roma Texas November 27, 2022
I look funny November 27, 2022
A boat ramp to nowhere... The drought here has been long. November 26, 2022
I guess I’m getting close to Mexico when I see these signs scattered about November 26, 2022
Over the Rio Grande in Falcon State Park Texas November 26, 2022
View from last night on Lake Corpus Christi November 25, 2022
Shining light on the horizon November 24, 2022
Leafcutter ant at work November 24, 2022
A Misty Thanksgiving to all November 24, 2022
Suspended rain November 24, 2022
Nighttime light luring in fish on Lake Corpus Christi Texas November 23, 2022
Thought of wading in for a quickie. Changed my mind when I saw all these jellyfish waiting for me November 22, 2022
Not quite sure what this is or what it’s doing stranded on a beach… November 22, 2022
This view from Kopprl Texas looks more like something I’d see in Oregon… Texas still surprises me. November 21, 2022
Reflections of a bridge and pole in Aransas Texas November 21, 2022
A tugboat high and dry in Port Aransas Texas November 20, 2022
Did someone forget their bike? It is still waiting for you November 20, 2022
Memories of a moon over Lake Whitney Texas November 19, 2022
Twas another gloomy weather kinda day here so here is a recent soothing sunset from beach in Sargent Texas November 17, 2022
Cylindropuntia leptocaulis in Falcon State Park acting as if Christmas is near November 17, 2022
This lonely tree at the dead end clearly doesn’t want to be forgotten in Pleasanton Texas November 15, 2022
Flowerful pothole with a waterfront view November 13, 2022
Ghosts in the mist? Am the only one camped here at historic Goliad State Park in Texas November 13, 2022
Am a sucker for places with lost souls. Seen on the way out of Sargent Texas November 13, 2022
Another beautiful Texas sunset on beach of Sargent November 12, 2022
Picnic Stonehenge at night in Sargent Texas November 12, 2022
Pier to nowhere as locals call it at Sargent Boat Ramp in Texas. Free beach camping here November 12, 2022
Stairway to heaven? Stubblefield Lake in Sam Houston National Forest November 11, 2022
Sunset beach walk on Limestone Lake in Texas. Very clean, safe to barefoot it November 9, 2022
One last sunset over Lake Whitney before hitting the road tomorrow November 8, 2022
What beautiful transcluent wings you have. Anyone know the name of this one? November 8, 2022
Twas a beautifully overcast day over Lake Whitney November 7, 2022
One of those lazy, foggy days November 7, 2022
Barren sunset on Lake Whitney Texas November 6, 2022
A moment of creative whimsy November 6, 2022
Remnants of an anchor on Lake Whitney Texas November 6, 2022
View from todays campsite on Lake Whitney Texas November 5, 2022
Moonlight on the beach at Lake Whitney November 4, 2022
Hung out last night at my new neighbor, Tom. He has a cozy camping setup with wood burning stove. Great guy from Michigan now full timing. November 4, 2022
Dam Lake Whitney November 3, 2022
Can you see the deer trail? November 2, 2022
Driftwooding into the sky at Lake Whitney Texas November 1, 2022
Sunset on Lake Whitney near Whitney Texas October 31, 2022
Interior of Hillsboro Public library in Hillsboro Texas. Was an old post office. Beautiful high renaissance architecture and unusual for small town libraries. October 28, 2022
Might be hard to believe is an overgrown paved road from long ago. It is now a butterfly superhighway. Love how nature repurposes bygones. October 27, 2022
Made a new friend today at camp October 27, 2022
Bridge over Brazos River near Kopperl Texas. Am camped by remnants of town from over 100 years ago October 26, 2022
Lone tree in the Lone Star state October 23, 2022
A typical sight in rural Texas (other than oil derricks) October 22, 2022
A Texas sunset in the woods October 21, 2022
Morning coffee walk on the Lake to Lake trail. It runs 28 miles from Toledo Bend to Sam Rayburn reservoirs. I only walked as long as my coffee lasted ; ) October 15, 2022
Camping time is also tea time to wind down from a long day on the road. October 14, 2022
Abandoned farm storage building - Barn owls and vultures like to hang out here September 4, 2022
A different perspective… August 29, 2022
View from today’s hike on an abandoned trail near Lake Alto-Waldo-Fl August 24, 2022
View from the trail at Devil's Tower in Wyoming August 14, 2022
Golden beauties in the Joshua Tree desert August 7, 2022
LIVE - Magical oasis in middle of hike on Prairie Creek near Micanopy August 3, 2022
Slow long drive down washboarded road in the desert (2017) August 3, 2022
View of Lake Mohave from Telephone cove (2017) August 1, 2022
View out camper door of the Salton Sea (2017) August 1, 2022
View from today’s hike - not every day I see a trail of grass in the woods! July 30, 2022
View from campsite at Valley of Fires in New Mexico (2017) July 29, 2022
Getitng darker earlier - am enjoying a hot tea under a glowing tree July 27, 2022
Walk into beauty - Freeport Maine July 25, 2022
Misty evening on Lake Talquin near Tallahssee-Fl July 24, 2022
Found this strangely compelling and contrasty - from cleaning out camper July 23, 2022
Finally some clear skies and a beautiful sunset July 21, 2022
Coffee under the lights in Newberry-Fl July 20, 2022
Scars of Bear Canyon February 27, 2022
No gas, no groceries February 17, 2022
Sunset on an old year January 1, 2022
Alley Spring mill in the Ozarks April 19, 2021
Kayak view from Bonner's Ferry April 12, 2021
Tiny camping amongst giants April 6, 2021
Sun sentinel at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas April 2, 2021
Sunset near Ventura Beach February 25, 2021
View from this evening’s meditation November 21, 2019
San Felasco sunset September 30, 2019
View from this afternoon’s meditation September 27, 2019
Cauldron on Oregon coast September 22, 2019
Misty journey through Oregon/Washington border September 16, 2019
Spotted during a break from the road September 16, 2019
Fog in Idaho mountainside September 15, 2019
Another Montana stunner September 14, 2019
Rainbow over a beautiful Montana September 13, 2019
View from today's meditation before hurricane Dorian September 4, 2019
Facing an angry El Morro September 1, 2019
View of Snake River, Oregon August 29, 2019
White light of Kundalini dream August 28, 2019
More magic on Campobello Island August 27, 2019
Relics of a past on Campobello Island August 26, 2019
Angels in the trees? August 24, 2019
Storms of the past August 20, 2019
Touching the sun August 19, 2019
View off coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia August 17, 2019
Tranquil view of Sarasota Bay August 16, 2019
View off coast of Manzanita, Oregon August 14, 2019
"You're too solitary" August 13, 2019
Surreal Santa Rosa sunset August 12, 2019
Oregon magic August 11, 2019
Dancing with Indian spirits August 2, 2019
Kansas sunset and the back story August 1, 2019
Bee on a sunflower February 17, 2018
Walk in the swamp February 2, 2018
Haunting sunset view from Joshua Tree January 31, 2018
Vermont countryside January 29, 2018
Amphibious airplane in Canada January 28, 2018
From the travel notebook January 28, 2018
Mister Rogers neighborhood? January 27, 2018
View from Columbia river January 25, 2018
Moon camping on the Shire January 24, 2018
'twas an angry night in Wheeler, Oregon January 23, 2018
Dispersed campsite in Ehrenburg, Arizona January 20, 2018
View from Mohawk canal in Arizona January 20, 2018
Visions of Meat Cove, Nova Scotia January 12, 2018
Waterfall at Rickett's Glenn January 11, 2018
The beloved November 21, 2017
Stumbling upon Sitting Bull November 18, 2017
Beautiful embrace November 17, 2017
Extraordinary souls on the road November 11, 2017
Meditation is not always stillness July 21, 2017
Soul flying June 19, 2017
Backyard Sunset March 15, 2014
The best part of love? March 5, 2014
Tuscawilla Oak March 2, 2014
Quiet stillness March 2, 2014
Life and death and a squirrel March 4, 2013
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