No gas, no groceries

Passed this on my way into Pie Town to …take a wild guess… sample one of their world famous pies back in 2017.

Blueberry and yes, it was quite good (but the absolute best was out in Nova Scotia… If only I could remember the name of the place, sigh).

Nearby is the Water Canyon campground nestled up in the Magdalena Mountains. Easy to get to yet remote with a rather treacherous hairpin curve tossed in just before you get to camp. Barely made it with my camper but it was so worth it.

I was the only one there, which is just how I like it.

A bit further down is the Datil Wells campground (on BLM land) and it was very nice with a beautiful, winding trail through the mountain above.

🔗 From memory lane:

Woke up to a full on Ménière’s disease vertigo attack one morning. It’s rare when that happens but it’s awful when it does because it’s a bad start to the day when your whole world is spinning and you’re stumbling around trying not to vomit. Ugh Fortunately it passed a few hours later and I was able to resume normal activities.

~ Spins @ Datil Wells

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