Haunting sunset view from Joshua Tree

Orocopia Mountain near Joshua TreeHaunting sunset view over Orocopia Mountain from my campsite near the “gateway” of Joshua Tree in California. This was a free boondocking site that almost always delivers spectacular sunsets with a beautiful desert in the backyard.

By Ray

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Currently wandering full time in a tiny camper around the continent and sharing the journey along the way.

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@schuth I camped on the Salton Sea for several days and it was an incredible experience. The sunsets are also out of this world there, contrasted with sea of bones on the shore that look like sand at first glance. Very otherworldly…

Thanks, @oyam! It is one of my favorites as well. Checked on your /now page and saw your photos by chance. They’re stunning. I’ll be following via RSS, nice to see a fellow traveler here. As for /now, good idea. I also plan on embedding maps to show the area where I was for looking back on. MapPress for Wordpress works really well for this.

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