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I’d like to make it as easy as possible for us to stay in touch so I have my blog set to automatically share the latest posts to social networks and such. It’ll be a handy way for you to get a heads up —  wherever you might be.

Other than blog posts, you’ll find I don’t post much social stuff, so no worries about your walls getting flooded by a crazy red-headed man mumbling in the wilderness somewhere.

Here’s the ways…

Instagram: AlongTheRay

Facebook page: AlongTheRay

Twitter: @alongtheray Follow Along the Ray on solari


Not sure what RSS is? Here’s a quick primer. I highly recommend using it to follow your favorite blogs!


  Email notifications: (coming soon for new posts)

 Personal Dispatches: Sign up

Once in a blue moon I’ll send personal email dispatches from along the way. If you’re interested in those (they’re more of a personal nature), mosey on over and sign up!

If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions for other places to meander, just gimmie a shout in the comment form below and I’ll take a gander.

I truly appreciate you making an effort to stay in the loop. A tip of the ole hat to you!