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A Solitary Kiss

A long time friend and I
Would take occasional quiet walks
Through the woods yonder

One day in the midst of it all
A warm summer rain fell on us
Through tall trees and green leaves

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Last dance of bliss

The world began ending tonight. I pushed my kayak onto my beloved river for one last dance of bliss together. The sky was already brilliantly aflame in dark, swirling, seething orange-red conflagrations spiraling through the horizon. It was a haunting contrast: the sky awash in fire while surrounded by edges of dark night and stoic… Continue reading

Trust. Faith.

The sun arrives,
poking through tall trees
as steam rises from river
and sky turns pale

Slowly and surely
precious life all around
stirs anew for another day

What can one do
emerging from darkness
but align with
this light of hope?

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