You are nature, too.

I often see animals and other kinds of life while out in nature. It happens frequently enough that it’s become a communion of sorts with my friends out there.

When I see them, I feel this sense of quietness and acceptance beneath their skin, an “okay-ness” with their world as it is.

I always want to get to know them better. That’s nothing new, mankind always has by way of capturing them, inspecting them in laboratories or putting them in zoos, etc. to observe them, and so on.

But it’s not real, nor as authentic. You cannot really “know” these beings in that way. They’re creations of God, our Universe. To really know them is to embrace them in their true essence, as God intended them to be… As pure and free spirits, in an environment that’s home.

To really know these creatures is to quietly melt yourself into their environ, open all your senses and especially your heart. This is how you “listen” and feel them, to sink into who they are, that quiet embrace that turns into an intimate connection in and of nature.

That’s when you start to feel the magic, the oneness, where you realize that you, too, are an animal, a creation of nature just as much as they are and you have a common bond with them.


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