Unearthy encounters

While I’ve come across a great deal of unusual people, all sorts of wild animals (including a bear hunting me down on a trail – that’s another story for another time), and strange physical structures (both natural and man-made), I’ve unexpectedly had a few encounters of the paranormal kind.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised — ever since I was a wee one, I’ve always seen spirits and strange things most folks didn’t see. I even had a ghost live with me at one time. There’s also the strange phenomena that sometimes comes through meditations.

I attribute these things mostly to having an enhanced sixth sense due to my deafness. Nonetheless, I truly didn’t expect it on my travels.

Whether you believe in that sort of stuff or not, at the least it makes for an entertaining read. Since there are several experiences to share, I’m going to break it into separate stories.

For now we’ll start with…


A dear friend of mine invited me to stay over the weekend at her place near Boone, North Carolina. Not only it was a great opportunity to explore a very cool area, it was a chance to catch up.

On the first night, after a long day, I crashed in her spare bedroom on a pad on the floor. In the middle of the night, I kept feeling someone stepping over my feet, dress dragging over ’em. After a couple times of it, I groggily woke up and was startled to see the figure of a pale white girl in her nightgown looking out the window.

I was so tired that night I shook it off and fell back asleep, thinking I’d ask about it in the morning (by then I was pretty used to ghosts!).

At breakfast I brought it up, her eyes widened and she laughed saying she knew exactly who I saw that night — her house used to be a foster home or something similar (which made sense as it was a large house with several rooms on plenty of acres). She was thrilled to know I saw the little girl as it validated her own experiences.

I thought that was the end of it but nooooo…

The next night again I woke up with a jolt, this time to see a large lady with black hair in a tight bun squatted down like a sumo wrestler staring at me. She was so real I thought she one of the guests staying in another room who came in to wake me up for something and bolted out of the room. Thinking it was an emergency, I got right up only to find the house dark and everyone sound asleep. This one I admit to feeling a little freaked about because it was so darn real (and there was no way the guest could move that quickly).

I asked my friend about it in the morning and she said she hadn’t seen that lady before, speculating maybe she was one of the caretakers when it was a children’s home. Who knows? I do remember the ghost lady initially being startled I could see her when I woke up — the surprise on her face was unforgettable.

Other than my ghost-in-residence in Micanopy, the lady in buns was the most real and clear spirit I’ve seen to date.

Stay tuned for more… : )


P.S. If you’ve had experiences, I’d love to hear from you — share ’em here!

By Ray

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