This “waking up” thing

During my long drive back home, I was thinking about this “waking up” thing.

When I talk about waking up, I don’t mean waking up into enlightenment, I mean waking up back into our authentic selves. Where we wake up from false lives, facades, or just not living up to our highest, truest potential of who we truly are.

It seems so many (including myself) wake up from illusion into turmoil, where it sometimes feels like you’ve burst out of your illusionary cocoon into a nightmare.

At the core, this waking up really isn’t a nightmare, it just seems so because of all the upheaval that ensues. This waking up is the beginning of rebirthing yourself, becoming reborn into your true, authentic self and life. As you birth into a new life all the old facades, foundations, and untruths crumble & fall away, sometimes violently like earthquakes through your life. Think about how our earth was born — much in the same way before it gave way to abundant life for all of us.

The crazy thing is a lot of it seems out of our control just as we’re asserting our authenticity. But it makes total sense — we’re co-creators of our universe(s) and everything we do sends energetic ripples out that reflect back. We’re essentially rebirthing our own universes inside a grand multiverse.

Just imagine it — the more forcefully we wake up and step into our true authentic selves, the more violently our universes are being re-created. This might explain why it’s difficult and everything seems to be backfiring on you. It’s why so many folks choose to stay asleep because it’s more comfortable and feels safer.

It’s frickin’ hard, but I believe it’s well worth it; imagine a life where you’ve truly, *finally* become your magnificent self, the way paved by tears you shed as bright stars cast into your brilliant, beautiful new universe.


By Ray

writer / shutterbug / wanderer / lifelong entrepreneur / reiki master / oral deaf / zigs when others zag / nature lover who kayaks to work ; )
Currently wandering full time in a tiny camper around the continent and sharing the journey along the way.

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