Simply writing daily

I’ve often read that one ought to get into some sort of daily writing routine to turn it into a habit and also to help grease the flow of words from yonder brain.

One thing I excel at is being consistently inconsistent when it comes to writing and blogging. In rare moments I get hot and pour out stuff but most (er, almost *all*) of the time my brain farts cold air and creakily shuts down.

A long time ago I used to be more prolific at writing — I sometimes wonder if I’ve lost my muse. If I close my eyes and squint hard enough to squeeze my memory cells, I think that moment was when I and a great love of mine parted ways onto different paths and the well dried up. It seems to be easier to wax poetic when in love, perhaps…

Or maybe it’s just another one of my lousy excuses to add to the discard piles littering the writing room in my head (that room houses an ornery bastard that always shoots things down).

Either way, I’m going to try again — I only have a good two or three decades left so I ought to try hard even if it might mean falling on my sword yet again.

Why? I miss writing and I’d like to re-form my neurons into a regular, life long habit of putting fingers to the keyboard again. I also feel it will give me more sense of direction since I’ve been pretty aimless at a lot of things in an on/off way.

(I’ve also been holed up for awhile in Florida recovering from Lyme disease so I may as well put some of my idleness to good use, yeah?)

In the article linked above, Furaha Asani says to write anything, whether it might be random thoughts, poetry, fiction, etc. etc. — to simply do it each and every day. She started by challenging herself to publish something every day for a year and did it successfully.

So here goes. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow from my keyboard. If not…. you’ll find me impaled on a discard pile somewhere.


P.S. If you’ve taken on a similar challenge, share! I’d love to hear about your experiences and such.

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