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travels An old church, a psychic and immortal love While roaming New Brunswick, Canada, I happened upon an old church in the village of Riverside-Albert that was converted into an unusual and hip Jan-14-2018 00:00:00 -0500 Along the Ray January 14, 2018

An old church, a psychic and immortal love

While roaming New Brunswick, Canada, I happened upon an old church in the village of Riverside-Albert that was converted into an unusual and hip market of sorts. It had groceries, a cafe serving coffee, pastries, and sandwiches along with art and crafts for sale in different areas. It had an open, airy aura with a bright and cheery ambiance. I loved it and ended up hanging out there several times while camped nearby.

As I understand, today the place is no longer open because the proprietor was unable to make it work financially, which was quite unfortunate as it was such a cool place — especially more-so since I had a very unusual experience there I’ll never forget which I’ll share:

While enjoying a coffee and book in the cafe there, I saw a sign advertising Psychic Readings & Reiki” on the wall. I smiled at the notion of finding such a thing even way out in a rural area of Canada. I put it out of mind and went back to my book.

While reading, my noggin’ kept nagging at me to contact the psychic. Why, I had no idea - I was perfectly content and didn’t need to know anything. And yet, as if my fingers were possessed, I texted for her availability and she rang back a bit later saying I had caught her just as she was headed into the village and she’d come by the church.

Slightly bewildered at the sudden change of circumstances, I shrugged and figured I’d just roll with it. Things happen for a reason, y’know?

She came in, we did the usual niceties, then sat down immediately to do the reading in a quiet corner of the church. Long story short, the reading was wayyyy off. That happens — sometimes there’s no energy or connection to be had, or as more likely in this case, she was inexperienced.

Once again my ole noggin’ kept nagging at me, as if I was unaware of something that should be so obvious to me. Then struck by a flash of insight, I told her Wait… I think this reading is for YOU!” We looked over the cards laid on the table and I asked her if she looked at it for herself, were the cards relevant?

In her own flash of insight, she exclaimed that yes, it really did look that way. It was that moment I looked down at her feet and saw a tiny child, more like an elf, standing next to her. It would not go away no matter how often I blinked my eyes to be sure. Its energy was so strong and persistent…

I reluctantly realized what I was in for and rolled with it.

Look,” I began. I’m very intuitive and I get things out of the blue sometimes, so I gotta ask… There’s this really little kid standing next to you,” I pointed at her feet. And he won’t go away unless I acknowledge him. I hate to ask you this, but did you lose a baby or something?”

She froze, breath halted, eyes shot wide open. She said nothing and stared at me. I continued, He’s wearing a green hat almost like elves do… and he’s got a very, very strong connection to you.”

She melted… completely. Tears flowing, shoulders sinking, pain cascading… I felt it so deeply, my own eyes started watering up.

That’s… my baby brother…. green was his favorite color…. and… he loved… that hat.”

Okay,” I said and kept on, needing to stay in the flow of the energy. I feel like I’m out of breath, like I can’t breathe anymore and my neck feels closed off. It feels like he passed away in the night because the lights are out.”

Yes,” she replied. …we don’t really know what happened but he was gone in the morning. They think it had to do with that sudden infant death thing.”

I’m really sorry to hear that,” I said. It does feel like something like that. Here’s the thing, I am getting this happened a long time ago and that he’s moved on and for some reason you won’t let him go.”

Tears flowed again as she struggled to regain her composure. Others in the church were looking over at us, likely wondering what the heck I, a complete stranger, was doing to the poor psychic.

I’ve always felt it was my fault. He was my baby brother and I was supposed to help keep an eye on him,” she said.

I could tell by her energy that she had been shouldering that huge burden for a very long time.

Look, I’m guessing you were only 5-6-7 or eight when this happened, right?” She nodded.

And you were asleep, like everyone else in the house, right?” Another nod.

Well…. I can understand how you’d feel responsible since he’s your little brother and you were very protective of him but it’s unrealistic for you to carry that burden all this time.”

I pointed again at the little guy next to her. He’s telling me he’s very happy where he is, he’s having so much fun exploring and playing and all that. He’s truly happy — he really is okay. For some reason I see him flying around with a cape.”

Her face brightens and she lets out a short laugh.

He’s also telling me you’ve got to move forward and let him go in the way you’ve been holding onto that guilt. It’s not your fault. He wants you to be happy. He also says you *know* this, it’s like he’s been telling you this all along but you’re not listening.”

She nods in the affirmative again, answering, Yes, yes… I know… It’s just so hard.”

Well, he’s making it real clear to me he will always be with you, he’s got so much love for you it’s making me quite woozy, his energy is very strong.” I paused to catch my breath.

I think he’s going now - he’s throwing the color green all around you like a fairy, and again he says you will not lose him by letting go. He’ll always be there, he loves you very much and will see you again.”

I paused, waiting for more… That’s all, he’s gone.”

Man, I have to tell you, his energy was so strong and happy. He’s in a very good place,” I smiled at her. Her energy seemed lighter and she too, was smiling. It was a tired, releasing kind of burden smile.

I wasn’t done. There was more to go into, about her relationship with her husband, following her dreams, and moving to a different home, etc. All quite very personal so I can’t share but by the time I was done an hour and more tears later, her spirit and energy were so much lighter and better. She was laughing at the end and expressed joy at a brighter future.

After a moment of silence, I laughed saying I had absolutely no idea I would be turning the tables on her and giving her a reading instead. I told her about the nagging I kept getting when I first got there and now that I thought about it, it was her little brother coming through seeing I was an open channel.

She was so grateful and so happy to hear from her brother. As we hugged to part ways, she still had tears in her eyes but they were of relief and joy and love.

I had tears in my eyes too…. I felt deep gratitude being able to help a fellow soul out and as her little brother so clearly demonstrated, we are never, ever alone.

More importantly, his message showed that love is truly immortal, forever transcending all our ideas of time and space and beyond.


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