Nature of the beast

A couple days ago I blew past my goal of walking two miles with a 2.4 mile mark and it felt great.

Today I could only muster 1.7 miles and didn’t feel so hot afterwards.

That’s the nature of the beast with Mr. Lyme.

Some days you can push, some you can’t.

I’ve learned to deal with that by being mindful it’s overall progress over time that counts.

I’m actually happy that I listened to my body and stopped at 1.7 miles. Normally I’d push further and would have likely paid the price for it.

In just over a two month span I’ve gone from barely able to do quarter miles to hitting a couple miles.

I’ll take that.

Slow and steady and ever so faithful continued healing with each step (and paddle!) I make.

I think I’m gonna reward myself anyway with a chocolate coated peanut butter popsicle. ; )

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