Love never changes

I was working late one night, winding down and this thought cascaded into my mind:

“Love never changes — it’s our own human-ness and response to it that changes.”

Does it make sense to you?

Maybe in the beginning when we fell deeply in love, we were swept up in it. Then sometimes we get hurt. So when we fall in love again, sometimes we’re more wary and cautious because we don’t wanna have another gaping hole in our hearts; the loss can be greater than death.

This saddens me sometimes because love is the greatest thing there is. Love is what powers and creates the universe. Maybe that’s why it hurts so hard sometimes, because it sure packs a punch.

Love brings so much joy to life. We grow so much from it, even in loss. Love is who we are at in our highest essence. When we love fully, it is the Universe exhaling through us in full.

When fear gets in the way or we allow it to lurk in the background, always wondering if it’ll last or we’ll get blindsided, it diminishes our capacity of love, like a pitcher that leaks so that it’ll never brim over the top in the fullness of its joy.

If only we could accept that love is what it is in its purity, that it’s always there deep in us (and by proxy, in Spirit), and accept that we will have our human moments in dealing with it. Accept that it is us that changes and sometimes flinches in the full might of love. It’s not love that’s hurting us, it is our own fears, projections, insecurities, and sorrows. It’s our own reaction to it. It’s normal to feel that way, especially after being deeply hurt, but we have to let it flow through us like a river, allowing us to be cleansed of the pain, to be reborn fully back into love once again

It’s like playing with fire…. By playing with fire, we become truly alive. And that’s why we’re here on our beautiful earth — to Live. Again and again. Like the fabled Phoenix.

By Ray

writer / shutterbug / wanderer / lifelong entrepreneur / reiki master / oral deaf / zigs when others zag / nature lover who kayaks to work ; )
Currently wandering full time in a tiny camper around the continent and sharing the journey along the way.

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