Dream of otters, puppies, and a mountaintop lake

In the dream I was standing on a seashore looking at an earthen house built into the side of a small mountain. I noticed there was a path of sorts up the side of the house towards the top of a cliff so I climbed it to see what was up there.

As I reached the top, I came up eye-level to the corner of a beautiful, shimmering lake mirroring a majestic, snow capped mountain on the other side.

There were dozens and dozens and dozens of otters and they all started swimming towards me in greetings.

I climbed back down to let people know of such beauty up there and about the otters. As I reached the shore again, I realized I was carrying two little newborn puppies I brought down from up there — they were wet, literally born from the lake. I gave them to a family with kids walking by the shore to take care of them.

As I left them I strolled by the shore with the water lapping at my feet and suddenly noticed a tall but small bird with tinges of pink lying on its side, struggling very weakly to get up and unable to do so. I reached down, cupped it in my hands, and lifted it up to heal it and I woke up.

* * *

Later in my morning meditation I reflected upon that part and realized with a jolt that the wounded/exhausted bird was me and I was reaching down to heal myself in that sense. The bird had not flown for awhile and that was also me, needing to fly free again…

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