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Choices I recently caught a new series on the tube last night called “Felicity.” It’s about a girl who graduates from high school and decides not to attend Oct-10-1998 00:00:00 -0400 Along the Ray October 10, 1998


I recently caught a new series on the tube last night called Felicity.” It’s about a girl who graduates from high school and decides not to attend Stanford, but New York University because the guy she has a crush on is going there. When she finally gets to New York, she finds out the guy isn’t interested in her as a girlfriend, but merely” as a friend.

Naturally, she was really disappointed. She made a big choice, well more like a big gamble based on unknown factors, and her choice backfired in her lovely face. In short, she took a really big risk that most folks wouldn’t even consider and paid for it, but not dearly as most are wont to think. This show struck a chord in my heart.

I believe life contains lots of hidden factors that we’ll never be aware of. You know how they always say that fate is inexplictly entwined into your life-threads? And that there are no coincidences in life? Life could be like that, and it may very well be. After all, how are we to find out otherwise?

Just because It is” doesn’t mean It isn’t.” Life is about choices, and we all make them daily, big ones and small ones. Choices. It’s a powerful word — one that’s virtually guaranteed to change your life. Maybe we do have hidden paths designated for the rest of our lives, but who’s to say that there’s but one path to follow? I believe there’s a great many paths to choose from, all pre-determined.

Does that make sense to you? Let’s say you’re walking through the proverbial forrest and come across not one but many forks in that well trodden path you’re on. Now you’re presented with choices. Do you go right? Left? Center? North? West? East? South? Northeast?

Fate brought you to this juncture, and now it’s your turn to choose what path you want to go through. You do have a conscious choice to make, and while your future may or may not be predetermined, you do have the ability to directly influence your life, at least for the present.

Me, I’m a fan of making BIG choices — one that can dramatically change your life. I don’t like living a real comfortable life. I like to have fun, change, and excitement. So, I choose the more difficult or illogical paths” down my life, and I do find my life far more enriched as a result. Oh yes, my life has also been more difficult because I didn’t take the easy path, but isn’t life about experiencing, well, LIFE?

Sure, there’s a reason why some folks take the easy path all their lives, and live a very comfortable existence. They may be very well content, too — one of the most peaceful folks on earth. More power to them, indeed, for they bring balance to our earth.

However, I just think there’s so much more to life when you lead yourself astray from the beaten path and go forth to explore. Who knows what wonders (and dangers) you’ll find? Wouldn’t your life be more interesting and richer?

Now, just because I advocate making harder choices than most doesn’t mean you can’t do it, even if you’re 45 and have three children to take care of. When I talk about paths, I don’t just mean physical paths or choices. I mean also mean emotional and spiritual paths. You could lead one of the most normal lives on earth like an accountant with 2 kids and a wife at home who go on vacation two weeks a year to Walt Disney World… and yet you could be one of the most daring, intuitive, spiritual people in the world. How’s that? Harness your mind. Open it up to new vistas, learn new things, and explore your spirituality! That’s one way you can make more conscious choices in your life and become a better person while maintaining a semblance of a very normal life.

As you’ll discover or already know, life is about making choices, and you do have a direct choice in how you life your life, especially inside and spiritually. Did you know you can also choose to be happy or unhappy? They are complex emotions but a very simple choice can make a whole lotta difference in how you look upon life and especially how you live it.

Choices. It’s all about living life. Live it to the fullest!

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