Along the Ray

Along the Ray

An alien from a different plane wandering the universe in a tiny camper



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8-29 Seeking offline-ness and slowness, bump in the night, more trash September 20, 2023
8-28 Back in heaven, cafe intimacy, aliens on beach? September 19, 2023
8-27 Missing van campers, dancing with nature September 19, 2023
8-25 MacGuyvering elbow comfort, cheap toilet paper, beautiful synchronicity September 12, 2023
8-23 Missing trees, countryside roller coasters, Kentucky red-tide and identity crisis September 10, 2023
8-22 Coconut heels, heat wave, bye flies, coffee closed and sitting in dark September 8, 2023
8-21 My body exhales, Amish farmer, wrench in machine September 6, 2023
8-20 Stillness, books September 6, 2023
8-19 Salt Lick creek, peace without cellular and writing September 4, 2023
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