Whispers from the trees

Do you know if you still your thoughts and open your heart in the forest, you’ll hear the trees sing inside you?

I hear their whispers in response —

Me: It feels so good and overwhelming like I’ll lose myself.

Trees: That’s the point. To lose yourself in us


Bookwyrm — a Goodreads alternative?

BookWyrm (

Social Reading and Reviewing

Has anyone checked out It’s a really intriguing alternative to Goodreads that’s also open source and federated. Worth looking into what with Goodreads essentially being depreciated by Amazon.


Sunset near Ventura Beach

Foggy sunset on the beach near Ventura, California. Made for a magical evening…


Watch Nomadland

Saw Nomadland last night. I’ve often struggled to explain what nomad life is like in the States — this movie nails it. Watch if you want the real nitty gritty. Almost the entire movie other than the star uses real people living real lives.


Still on hold

Long story short, I’m still in a holding pattern. First it was due to business issues, then it became chronic health issues, and now it’s a mixture of recovering from chronic health issues and staying clear of the COVID madness that prevails across our world.

It’s hard to sit still for so long, so I try my best with daily forays into nature and exercises to restore my health.

So I wait to wander freely once again. It won’t be much longer, I hope.


Hanging in for just a little bit longer

I headed out of Sarasota with my camper this late morning looking forward to resuming my wanderings. After I stopped to grab lunch I noticed the front of my camper was sitting a bit lower than usual…

Looked under the back of the car and saw the trailer hitch cracking/sheering apart where it is bolted to the frame of the car.


Fortunately when I took it to a local mechanic, he said the frame was fine and it would be easy to just replace the hitch with a newer, stronger one.

Part ordered, on the way this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be back on the road early next week.

Maybe it’s a sign for me to hang around a bit longer and enjoy a few more coastal sunsets like the one I saw this evening.

I suppose I can suspend my wanderlust just a bit longer for such beauty. : )