Cauldron on Oregon coast

Looks like something’s brewing off the coast of Oregon. It simply looks magical if not hairy. I’d love to see the view out of these homes. Lucky folks.

Haunted by the eyes of a little girl

This afternoon I was meditatively floating in the pool with eyes closed, feeling the gentle sway of cool water all around.

A little girl around 6-7 years old happened to stroll by the moment I opened my eyes and looked up.

For a very brief and very clear moment, in her I saw the eyes of an anguished old soul seeking something she would never find.

Startled, I blinked and the vision was gone.

It was such a stark and real vision that I couldn’t help but wonder if that was her future — would she later lead a life of anguish, perhaps forever seeking the love of her life or a lost sibling or parent she’d never find again?

Or was it a past life or parallel universe moment slipping through in that small moment between meditation and real world?

As I floated away, I felt sadness for the little girl and pondered if she could change that path to a different one and would she?

Certain paths may be set in life but we have the ability to carve new paths as we go. Would she know this down the road of her life?

I was haunted enough by those eyes to want to reach out to her parents and tell them all this and implore them to empower her with the awareness of a life of flexible paths.

Naturally, I couldn’t (wimped out?).

Instead I sent silent blessings to the little girl along with all the light she’d need to find her way in the future.

I won’t ever forget those eyes and the anguished old soul behind them.

Underwater Rescue

I was in a dream where I was lucid and aware of what was going on. I happened to be in a flooded area with rising waters and I was exploring the area while being mindful that I’d eventually need to find higher land.

No fear or anything of the sort — just exploring really.

The waters kept rising and I ended up diving underwater to explore further. I knew it was a dream and that I’d run out of air. I went under, explored for awhile, and ayup — started running out of air.

Just as I was about to exit the dream before drowning, an angel unexpectedly interrupted the process and grabbed ahold of me in a reverse hug from behind. I saw she had long curly brown hair. She saved me, all was okay.

I woke up to intense vibrations in the middle of the night.

And went back to sleep to another dream.

Spotted during a break from the road

On the way through Idaho, I took a detour-break to check out one of the oldest ranger stations in the country and spotted a couple deer peacefully grazing on an overcast day.

Fog in Idaho mountainside

Fog covered mountainside on the way through Idaho to the Oregon border. It’s a great drive though I had to stop twice at mandatory boat inspection roadblocks for my kayak to be cleared. Good idea to avoid invasive water flora.