Along the Ray

Along the Ray

An alien from a different plane wandering the universe in a tiny camper

August 19, 2016

Thoughts from 3/28/16

Reflections of a sunset on the Suwannee river near Bell, Florida © Raymond Hines Reflections of a sunset on the Suwannee river near Bell, Florida

What I — and my soul — misses after being in Sarasota for several months…

These long , meditative walks and getting lost” in nature where I could truly let loose in both a metaphysical and physical sense.

It’s both a conscious and unconscious sinking into/dancing with nature’s energy of which I’m truly at one with like the embrace of a forever love whom I melt into and disappear from the world at large.

The city is a different kind of vibrant energy of its own yet incompatible with mine. So, after a while in a city/town, I start to feel out of place and restlessness ensues.

July 1, 2016

Moose tracks @ Bay of Fundy

I’m reminded of the time I hiked through a nature preserve near the Bay of Fundy which has one of the world’s largest tides. The tide was low so I was able to walk over to what’s normally an island, which was a very cool experience in itself, but I had chills afterwards when I walked back and saw new hoof prints right next to my footprints from a moose that had been quietly following me.

December 17, 2015

A Solitary Kiss

A long time friend and I
Would take occasional quiet walks
Through the woods yonder

One day in the midst of it all
A warm summer rain fell on us
Through tall trees and green leaves

Nowhere to go but wet
Shirts soaked, we look at each other
And laugh with the breeze

Our eyes lock together
Suddenly she asks
“Will you kiss me?”

We embrace and we kiss
Feeling the heat through our shirts
Longingly and deeply we kiss

Our universes line up
The trees, rain, summer, us
All as one

Then the rain stops
Seeing galaxies in our eyes
We separate yet entwine our hands

We walk on out
To the edge of the woods
And part ways into separate lives

Now and then we’d see each other
Her eyes would sparkle
And a wry smile play on her lips

Years later after I found out
She’d met an untimely death
I’d still walk the woods

And hear the breeze Softly whispering…
“Will you kiss me?”

The desire to relate

Our desire to relate with others can be beautiful yet haunting because what we seek goes deeper than the you and I.


November 25, 2015

The wind whispers

I’m reading outside beneath tall trees. The wind kicks in and turns a page of my book. I look up and say: I love you too.


Our perceived truths

I used to take everyone’s perceived truths of me as gospel. Then one day I realized the only gospel is within me.


November 25, 2015

Eyes of a farmer

There’s this old farmer I see at the local cafe now and then, he looks like a bear of a man, all weathered and such. Sometimes he has a straw hat.

He’s quiet too, blends into the background with his pot belly and faded farmer’s outfit.

But it’s his eyes that stand out. They’re so kind and gentle, with a silent softness that belies his internal strength. Those eyes nudge my soul out of my body a bit, as if to remind me we’re so much more than who we think we are.

November 24, 2015

Stars of dandelions

This evening on a nature trail I saw dandelions on the side, one beckoning. I bent over, slid my fingers under it and lifted, cradling tender bloom in my palm.

Rather than make a wish, I gave it a kiss and blew it into the world, an act of gratitude.

As I turned to watch each seed sail off in an orange sunset breeze, I saw stars shooting across the universe’s starry sky.

Solitary dandelion on trail at Fanning Springs state park, Florida © Raymond Hines Solitary dandelion on trail at Fanning Springs state park, Florida

November 2, 2015


Out of the blue, I felt her intensely in the fiber of my being from across the miles. It had been a long time.

I wondered: Does she still think of me also?

The wind whirled and a rare tremor rumbled underneath. Then silence.

Later that evening I stood on the porch and stared at a bright, nearly full moon reminding me of her (she the moon, I the sun). My phone vibrated; an email had come… and it was from her.

I’ve been so busy and caught up in life. Just want you to know you’re loved and I do think of you often.”

Shivers tingled through while my mind stalled comprehending yet another inexplicable synchronicity between us.

We are apart, not even together and somehow love still entwines our souls across our earthly boundaries.

October 20, 2015

My mother, a cold, Reiki, Pompeii, and past lives

What my mom came and saw… Photo by Jill Green

My mom caught a cold while touring Italy so as a Reiki Master I sent her distance Reiki. It’s also a meditation and sometimes I’ll see things such as symbols, messages, past lives, etc.

In the midst of her Reiki session, I unexpectedly saw a volcano erupting, killing many below. Naturally, I thought of Pompeii and the sensation I had was my mother may have had a past life during that time.

After the session, I didn’t say anything about it, putting it away for the time being. She recovered, resumed her travels and I forgot about the vision.

However, the next few days I kept getting synchronicities that were specific about Pompeii that prompted me to tell her about what I saw. I asked where she was and it turned out she was only an hour away from there even though she had no plans to visit the ruins. I urged her to go and said it could be a deeply moving experience for her.

She ended up going. At the ruins, there was a point where she went off the beaten path, walked alone through some minor ruins and stumbled upon a retrospective of the plaster casts of the victims. When she saw one of a young woman, it inexplicably struck her deeply, bringing deep reflection and tears.

A past life perhaps? It never ceases to amaze how indelibly interwoven everything is — our lives, the things we experience, the synchronicities, and such into a brilliant tapestry across our universes.

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