Watch Nomadland

Saw Nomadland last night. I’ve often struggled to explain what nomad life is like in the States — this movie nails it. Watch if you want the real nitty gritty. Almost the entire movie other than the star uses real people living real lives.

Still on hold

Long story short, I’m still in a holding pattern. First it was due to business issues, then it became chronic health issues, and now it’s a mixture of recovering from chronic health issues and staying clear of the COVID madness that prevails across our world.

It’s hard to sit still for so long, so I try my best with daily forays into nature and exercises to restore my health.

So I wait to wander freely once again. It won’t be much longer, I hope.

Thoughts of the moment

Went over to the Van Wezel Performing Arts hall in Sarasota, Florida to watch the sunset on the Sarasota bay and saw that the former Selby library building was no more. It was a beautiful piece of architecture; too bad it’s gone.

I asked several folks nearby if they knew what was going to be built in place of it, none of them knew.

More interesting, however, was how folks reacted to being asked a question. The majority of them kept moving on, as if to avoid talking to me.

I’m not used to that.

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A reminder to be kind

I’ve been watching a new show on Amazon called Seatbelt Psychic. It’s pretty good and the psychic seems quite talented… However, my main takeaway from watching a few episodes is so many folks from all walks of life carry some kind of pain deep inside and you wouldn’t know it.
It was revealing and humane to watch the internal vaults of tough guys, priests, young and elder folks, etc. crack open and tell stories of their own traumas and/or the passage of their loved ones.
The show gives fresh meaning to a popular quote:
Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Beloved, I miss you.

I know you’re everywhere.

But it’s out there…

in vast oceans lapping your shores

in soaring mountains laden with your sharp breath

in dry deserts teaming with your wordless life

in secret coves and hidden lakes where your beauty abounds

in rain forests enveloping your musky sweat

in seaside cliffs where your seals and whales play below

in forests of tall trees where your bears chase me

in silent sunsets that slowly explode of your essence

in quiet stars and solitary moon that sing of you

…where I feel you the most.

Moon over the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada

Sometimes I think of us

I think of us
walking down a trail
holding hands

You in your
light summer dress,
breeze flowing
through your hair.

I in my element
feeling barefoot earth,
green all around
making me glow.

Warm smiles
serene peace
joyous eyes
hearts afire

Sun’s rays behind us
We turn to each other
Look deeply into eyes
Our tender lips meet
and we melt together.

Soul nourishment

My little girl was sick so I brought soup and such over to her flat. We ate, we talked (boyfriends, weird professors, work issues, shows to binge, life, etc.), we laughed, and we hugged. Those kind of soul nourishing moments become forever memories of a forever love.❤️

Back in Florida

I’m currently kinda-sorta-sequestered away from the nomad life in Florida for a bit of time while I take care of business stuff. Most of it involves finishing upgrades and such to our website to make it a more solid and pleasing experience for our customers.

I could keep doing it while on the road, but this kind of server-intensive stuff I prefer to do while dry docked somewhere with reliable high speed internet and nice, big computer monitors. Best to stay in one place and bang it all out so when it’s done I can roam free once again without worry.

Sunset in Sarasota, Florida

I haven’t exactly been fastened to one place the entire time — I’ve been shuttling between Sarasota and Gainesville, places where I have family so it’s a good way of changing the scenery so I don’t get bored too easily. And both places are relatively warm in what’s been a cold winter — bonus points!

As soon I finish up and hit the road again (I should say “when I hit the home again”, because the road is home for me…), I will update this.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this quote:

There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.Charlotte Eriksson

Notes of the Deaf

After watching online comms (BBSes, internet, texting, chat, etc.) bloom into an equalizer for the deaf by bridging to a previously unheard world, I’m curious to see how the bridge holds up over widening fissures from the proliferation of video, podcasts, and Echo-like devices.