Returning (the blog) to a blank canvas

For the longest time, I’ve held back from sharing much on my blog because I thought it was supposed to be a travel / spiritual contemplation journal of sorts. I didn’t want to lose folks by straying away from that…

But I’m a person of many colors and flavors with a variety of eclectic interests. There’s times I wanted to share something and held back because it didn’t seem to “fit” or might be too personal.

Upon deeper reflection, I realize part of the problem is I’m thinking of my blog as… a blog. You know when you see the word “book” your mind automatically thinks of a long tome with chapters, etc. as a structure? Same way with the word blog.

My mind pins “blog” into the more traditional sense, i.e. covers specific themes, has article-style writing on specific topics, follows commonly used forms, etc.1

What I need to do is to start thinking of this space as more of a personal journal — or better yet — a blank canvas upon which I can share whatever my heart or mind desires. To throw away all previously defined boundaries and write for myself.

On my travels, I’m often asked where I’m headed next — my answer is usually “Where ever the wind takes me!” I’m going to extend that same philosophy to here and share whatever the wind brings forth through my pen, be it geeky, spiritual or mundane things, personal stuff, “Short Musings”2, etc. along with the usual travelogues and photos.

I might even share more stream of consciousness thoughts here rather than on social media like most do. After all one’s blog ought to be a home for anything and everything, right?

I especially want to use this canvas as a way of further exploring my inner self and peel away layers, even if it might be uncomfortable.

Just maybe my blog canvas will evolve into a more in-depth reflection of who and why I am — as it should have been all along.

P.S. I’m also changing blog platforms to something much easier to use while I’m on the road. In the past there was too much friction/work to even post anything and I’d be too worn out by the end of the day. Stay tuned!

  1. I’d like to be clear that there’s nothing wrong with traditional blogs, etc. I very much enjoy and follow many of ’em and run
  2. You may have noticed a couple “Short Musings” I posted recently. That was me scratching and sniffin’ at the blank canvas idea with something different & unconventional… I enjoyed it very much.