Reiki Healing & Sessions

The beginning…

Over a decade ago I was suffering from a chronic illness that left me virtually disabled for years. It was so bad at one point I wanted to check out of life. My best friend, who also happens to be an excellent professional psychic, said she saw the sun coming out for me and the way was via meditation.

I plunged into meditation with fierce intensity because it was my last chance. I ended up falling infinitely into my soul and the universe it encompassed, bringing great healing, enhanced intuition, and spontaneous kundalini awakening. Soon my life returned to normal in a human sense but the true journey was just beginning.

I wanted to further explore that mysterious universe of healing I fell into, so I went to a Reiki Master for more. Long story short, she and her partner said I essentially already had Reiki Master energy after I did an introductory healing session with them. I went ahead with a year long apprenticeship to formalize becoming a Reiki Master because there is always something to learn and Reiki would be a foundation for further forays into the art of spiritual healing.

The present moment…

Today I practice a heart-centered blend of the original healing energy I fell into along with Reiki and Kundalini — all complementary with one another. It could be called a form of “Rayki,” a play on my first name! ; ) I’ve also refined a specific sort of energy that may help transmute emotional pain via an alchemy of heart and soul.

Healing sessions

Due to the nomadic nature of my life, I currently offer a limited amount of what are called “distance” healing sessions which are location independent and as effective as hands-on sessions.

My approach is to empower you to heal yourself. Sometimes I’ll have intuitive insights to share. The length of each session is variable, running however long “Rayki” energy flows, averaging between 15 to 45 minutes. One session is usually enough to kickstart things; I occasionally may recommend one or two more sessions for additional healing.

While I may make some lifestyle suggestions, I cannot offer medical advice under any condition.

Animals and pets are very welcome! I have a special affinity for them.

Paying forward

At this time I have an arrangement with life where an equitable fee for each session is for you to volunteer an hour of your time to an organization of need or make an equivalent donation to them.

I suggest volunteering because of the potential of extra paths unfolding before you and the opportunity to meet extraordinary souls while enriching yours.

Although it would be interesting to know where you volunteer or donate, proof is not required because engaging in a healing session is an act of trust between you and I.

Getting started

If you’re interested in an healing session, click the button below to move forward. I’ll outline the basics, ask you to acknowledge an agreement, & set up an appointment.

Let’s Reiki!