Category Poetry

Trust. Faith.

The sun arrives,
poking through tall trees
as steam rises from river
and sky turns pale

Slowly and surely
precious life all around
stirs anew for another day

What can one do
emerging from darkness
but align with
this light of hope?

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Via combusta

I hear filaments
of your whispers
in my inner ear

larger than life
they sing to me
without fail

False heavens crash within
into embers of death
shooting stars violently roar
sowing seeds of new life

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Coffee. Together.

I see you, we smile, exchange pleasantries and then we sit. Our coffees face another next to the sugars and spices, A duality – you & I sugar & spice and our javas. As I listen to your milky voice and watch aromas from our cups gyrate, I wonder what that tender, secret spot on… Continue reading

My cratered moon

Oh, my moon
My cratered moon

Whenever I looked up
clearly I could see you

But now you are fading
into the blackness

Stars showing a memory
of where you were once

Oh, my moon
My cratered moon

Don’t let me
forget you.

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