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Bee on a sunflower

Bee on a solitary sunflower in Canada

While passing through a seaside village in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia I came across a yard exploding of sunflowers and snapped a few photos. I was reminded my daughter needs something for her bare walls & loves sunflowers so I dug this out for framing. I think she’ll be happy.

Walk in the swamp

Walk in the Swamp

View from this evening’s sunset walk in the swamp at Barr Hammock preserve in Gainesville, Florida (yes, where I almost stepped on an alligator).

Haunting sunset view from Joshua Tree

Orocopia Mountain near Joshua TreeHaunting sunset view over Orocopia Mountain from my campsite near the “gateway” of Joshua Tree in California. This was a free boondocking site that almost always delivers spectacular sunsets with a beautiful desert in the backyard.

Vermont countryside

It’s been a rainy and overcasty past few days, time to pretend this Vermont countryside is my window view (note tiny house on far left and farmhouse on far right – click here for panoramic view).

View of Vermont countryside in spring

From the travel notebook

From the travel notebook: Fountain pen sketch of window view from a very cool bookstore/cafe in Manchester, Vermont called Spiral Press. I ended up going several times, it’s heaven for serious coffee & pastry and book-lovers.

Amphibious airplane in Canada

That’s how they do that voodoo they do in northern Canada to get around… Had the great fortune of being able to camp right on the shore and watch ’em go at it. Some even fish from their airplanes! Canucks, love ’em.Amphibious airplane docked on lakeshore in Canada

View from Columbia river

View from I-84 on Washington/Oregon border via Columbia river. The landscape endlessly morphs into tall cliffs, vast fields, mountains & forests replete with waterfalls. I’d highly recommend bucket listing this drive. BONUS: Lots of free waterfront camping along the way.

Moon camping on the Shire

A night of moon camping at the “Shire” with fellow nomads near New Horton in New Brunswick, Canada with the famous Bay of Fundy in the background (it boasts one of the world’s largest tides and is a sight to behold). Campsite is free thanks to generosity of Don, the land-owner.

’twas an angry night in Wheeler, Oregon

’twas an angry night off the coast of Wheeler, Oregon. Shortly after this photo was taken a tornado ripped through the town, destroying a couple homes. No lives lost, but afterwards seeing trees snapped like toothpicks all around was a sober reminder of nature’s power.