Moon camping on the Shire

A night of moon camping at the “Shire” with fellow nomads near New Horton in New Brunswick, Canada with the famous Bay of Fundy in the background (it boasts one of the world’s largest tides and is a sight to behold). Campsite is free thanks to generosity of Don, the land-owner.

🔗 From memory lane:

I’m reminded of the time I hiked through a nature preserve near the Bay of Fundy which has one of the world’s largest tides. The tide was low so I was able to walk over to what’s normally an island, which was a very cool experience in itself, but I had chills afterwards when I walked back and saw new hoof prints right next to my footprints from a moose that had been quietly following me.

~ Moose tracks @ Bay of Fundy

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An old church, a psychic and immortal love

By Ray

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