Welcome to Memory Lane
…where I record snippets of memorables that stood out along this strange journey of life…

Spins @ Datil Wells

Woke up to a full on Ménière’s disease vertigo attack one morning. It’s rare when that happens but it’s awful when it does because it’s a bad start to the day when your whole world is spinning and you’re stumbling around trying not to vomit. Ugh Fortunately it passed a few hours later and I was able to resume normal activities.

Moose tracks @ Bay of Fundy

I’m reminded of the time I hiked through a nature preserve near the Bay of Fundy which has one of the world’s largest tides. The tide was low so I was able to walk over to what’s normally an island, which was a very cool experience in itself, but I had chills afterwards when I walked back and saw new hoof prints right next to my footprints from a moose that had been quietly following me.

Tears for homeless

Our little Alyssa, only a few years old, saw a homeless man for the first time and burst into tears, breaking all of our hearts.

Oh, the beautiful humanity of children.