No man’s land

Have you ever pondered ownership of land on earth? While it is a solid concept in practice, if you step back and look at it from a universal perspective, it seems arbitrary, perhaps even silly.

It just seems odd when see it from that non-human perspective — you have people claiming to own a piece of earth when it’s really not ours to begin with in the grand scheme of nature.

If you try and trace back ownership of a plot of land all the way back to the first/original “owner” you’ll find no provenance beyond that. Just that one day a person roped off an area and decided it was theirs to own, sell, or give. In other words, there’s no original authority at the end of the chain, so it’s almost like the entire concept of property ownership is a house of cards.

In an example of irony, the native american indians understood this, they felt as stewards of the land, not owners. And yet the the first “explorers” of the land they lived on took it from them and said it was theirs. You could say these caretakers were robbed.

In reality, all this land we live on was never owned by anyone, nor did it belong to anyone.

Sunset on the Suwannee river near Bell, Florida
Sunset on the Suwannee river near Bell, Florida

By Ray

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