To be roofless again

Life as a wandering nomad the past few years has changed me.

It has woken my soul and I’ve found it is restless.

Out there I was always hiking, jogging in the woods, kayaking, etc. I loved exploring new grounds and finding new adventures. It kept me alive in spirit.

Before, I used to sit for long periods of time — mostly working on the computer, watching television, or staring at my smartphone.

Not anymore. After a couple decades of it, there’s no joy to it.

I don’t like inertia. It’s a nemesis because when I slip into its grasp, I feel lethargic and lazy.

I want to be outside all the time, to be in the embrace of beloved nature.

Being under a roof boxes me in. I want to see the sun, the clouds, birds, night sky, stars, and the moon.

I feel uneasy when I enter a building of any sort. I feel out of place, lost.

I don’t belong anymore.

I struggle these days while recovering from Mr. Lyme because my heart is outside and I don’t have the strength yet to endure the rigorous wandering & camping life.

But soon I will be free and tears will flow in joyous release.

I will be roofless once again.

For now I endure.

And dream of stars overhead in the warm embrace of nature’s fire.

By Ray

writer / shutterbug / wanderer / lifelong entrepreneur / reiki master / oral deaf / zigs when others zag / nature lover who kayaks to work ; )
Currently wandering full time in a tiny camper around the continent and sharing the journey along the way.