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Went over to the Van Wezel Performing Arts hall in Sarasota, Florida to watch the sunset on the Sarasota bay and saw that the former Selby library building was no more. It was a beautiful piece of architecture; too bad it’s gone.

I asked several folks nearby if they knew what was going to be built in place of it, none of them knew.

More interesting, however, was how folks reacted to being asked a question. The majority of them kept moving on, as if to avoid talking to me.

I’m not used to that.

It seems the social culture of Sarasota is changing… Folks used to be more engaging and willing to interact with strangers to answer their questions.

Instead I felt like an impostor, even though I’ve been there longer than most (a few folks had no idea there used to be a library where the land is bare).

The Sarasota of old is fading away and it feels like I’m fading also.

So strange to be a stranger in a town I grew up in.

I finally got a handheld drone I’ve been waiting for so I could take some higher up landscape photos and videos of the wondrous places I’ll be exploring as I continue my travels.

(I’ve been jonesing for a drone for quite awhile to further my photographic explorations and to share them with you. Yay for you and yay for me!)

I took it out to the river for a test flight today.

That thing can go far — too far in fact. I was scared of losing it when I couldn’t see it in the sky anymore, so I wimped out and brought it back to land.

I thought I was done until I decided to try one more thing and ended up pressing the wrong button on the controller.


Rather than land like I expected, it shot up like a rocket and slammed into a tree branch above, plummeting to the ground.


At first glance, it seemed all was okay until I picked it up and saw that one of the propeller arms was nearly torn off.

Double ouch.

I called a drone repair company near Tampa and the good news is the arm is only a $40 part so I lucked out and didn’t damage the camera or gimbals, etc. Bad news is it’s such a new model that parts will take a few weeks to come.

Even though it wasn’t exactly something I did on purpose, I chuckled and told myself it was a reminder not to fly like I drive. ; )

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