Bookwyrm — a Goodreads alternative?

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Has anyone checked out It’s a really intriguing alternative to Goodreads that’s also open source and federated. Worth looking into what with Goodreads essentially being depreciated by Amazon.


Watch Nomadland

Saw Nomadland last night. I’ve often struggled to explain what nomad life is like in the States — this movie nails it. Watch if you want the real nitty gritty. Almost the entire movie other than the star uses real people living real lives.


Thoughts of the moment

Went over to the Van Wezel Performing Arts hall in Sarasota, Florida to watch the sunset on the Sarasota bay and saw that the former Selby library building was no more. It was a beautiful piece of architecture; too bad it’s gone.

I asked several folks nearby if they knew what was going to be built in place of it, none of them knew.

More interesting, however, was how folks reacted to being asked a question. The majority of them kept moving on, as if to avoid talking to me.

I’m not used to that.


A reminder to be kind

I’ve been watching a new show on Amazon called Seatbelt Psychic. It’s pretty good and the psychic seems quite talented…

However, my main takeaway from watching a few episodes is so many folks from all walks of life carry some kind of pain deep inside and you wouldn’t know it.  

It was revealing and humane to watch the internal vaults of tough guys, priests, young and elder folks, etc. crack open and tell stories of their own traumas and/or the passage of their loved ones.  

The show gives fresh meaning to a popular quote:

Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


Haunted by the eyes of a little girl

This afternoon I was meditatively floating in the pool with eyes closed, feeling the gentle sway of cool water all around.

A little girl around 6-7 years old happened to stroll by the moment I opened my eyes and looked up.

For a very brief and very clear moment, in her I saw the eyes of an anguished old soul seeking something she would never find.

Startled, I blinked and the vision was gone.

It was such a stark and real vision that I couldn’t help but wonder if that was her future — would she later lead a life of anguish, perhaps forever seeking the love of her life or a lost sibling or parent she’d never find again?

Or was it a past life or parallel universe moment slipping through in that small moment between meditation and real world?

As I floated away, I felt sadness for the little girl and pondered if she could change that path to a different one and would she?

Certain paths may be set in life but we have the ability to carve new paths as we go. Would she know this down the road of her life?

I was haunted enough by those eyes to want to reach out to her parents and tell them all this and implore them to empower her with the awareness of a life of flexible paths.

Naturally, I couldn’t (wimped out?).

Instead I sent silent blessings to the little girl along with all the light she’d need to find her way in the future.

I won’t ever forget those eyes and the anguished old soul behind them.


Thoughts of the day

This afternoon while hitting a couple auto parts stores fruitlessly looking for a fuse (apparently only available in Canada) for my power inverter, one of the clerks saw the kayak on top of my car and said he enjoyed kayaking too.

It was a slow night at the store and his comment sparked an intriguing conversation where we each shared the best kayaking spots in the area.

It was great shooting back and forth wowing each other with tales of special rivers and lakes over the next few minutes. By the time we were done we had covered almost all of central Florida’s hot spots.

It was a blast and I truly enjoyed it as well as the clerk.

While may be a lone wolf, in my finer moments I enjoy being social. ; )

* * *

I see people jogging or biking or such in the heat of the day and it still sparks a pang of envy that they’re able do it while I can’t just yet.

They make it look so effortless and easy.

I know my time will come eventually, but this envy serves a good purpose:

To never take such things for granted again.

* * *

At the local library I like to sit looking out their tall windows and watch the goings on (it also makes for a good meditation spot).

I witnessed a middle age lady pull into a parking spot designated for the handicapped. She got out of her car and strolled at a brisk pace up to the library while carrying several books.

I started judging her for this, thinking she was taking up a spot from someone else less abled.

Then I remembered the early stages of my ongoing dance with Mr. Lyme when I wished I had a handicaped tag because after a short distance walking I’d get winded. Also being able to park closer to entrances also would mean less melting in the Florida heat at a time when I couldn’t tolerate being outside in 85 degree or higher weather for more than ten minutes.

I silently walked back my judgement.

Although I’m aware handicapped passes are abused by some, I realize there are many who have more invisible handicaps or situations that I wouldn’t be aware of on the surface of things.

Life sure has a strange way of teaching lessons, but it’s a good thing as it means continued growth… and living.