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Eyes of a farmer

There’s this old farmer I see at the local cafe now and then, he looks like a bear of a man, all weathered and such. Sometimes he has a straw hat. He’s quiet too, blends into the background with his pot belly and faded farmer’s outfit. But it’s his eyes that stand out. They’re so… Continue reading


Out of the blue, I felt her intensely in the fiber of my being from across the miles. It had been a long time. I wondered: Does she still think of me also? The wind whirled and a rare tremor rumbled underneath. Then silence. Later that evening I stood on the porch and stared at… Continue reading

A rock named Melancholy

Melancholy is an old friend of mine, I’ve carried that rock around for a good while. I used to think it was my enemy but one day I realized it’s part of the whole – who I am. I’ve since made friends with it but I don’t serve it tea when it visits. Rather than resist… Continue reading

Onwards and upwards

Happy New Year, my friends and loves. May this be a year where you find your joys, cherish what you have, let go of what doesn’t work for you, embrace your fears, make new friends, find new loves, turn tired leaves over into new ones, stoke the fires of your passions, give your heart the flames of life it yearns for, and embark on a grand new exploration beyond the boundaries of you and your soul and your love of all that is. Onwards and upwards! ~ Ray

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Lonely soul

There she was, this lonely soul on the beach, huddled in a blanket amidst a waning sunset. As wisps of her hair danced in the strong breeze, I wondered… What is her story? Was she longing for that someone who sang to her soul so deeply and blew her heart wide open, spreading it across… Continue reading

To touch one another

Yesterday I could tell something was off with my waitress at lunch. By appearances she looked fine, even happy, but something inside me kept dogging me to talk to her. I asked  what was wrong. Her eyes welled up and she was going to tell me but she was also going to lose it so… Continue reading

An old lady and her mailbox of life

I saw something very beautiful on my way home through the countryside. It was this very old lady, tightly wrapped in a raincoat and shawl around her head. It was darkening from an impending storm and the wind was kicking up. She was gripping the collars of her raincoat and stoically making her way step… Continue reading

Love never changes

I was working late one night, winding down and this thought cascaded into my mind: “Love never changes — it’s our own human-ness and response to it that changes.” Does it make sense to you? Maybe in the beginning when we fell deeply in love, we were swept up in it. Then sometimes we get… Continue reading