The Laboratory

Sunset over the Kolob Reservoir near Zion National Park © Raymond Hines
Sunset over the Kolob Reservoir near Zion National Park © Raymond Hines

Welcome to the Laboratory, where I share what works and what doesn’t as I pursue a new way of making a living.

 One of my journeys is to find a new way of making a living, especially via creative arts — be it writing, photography, art, etc.  After spending half my life making a living on the business side, it’s time for me to figure a way to do it on the more artistic side.

Segueing into something different with no certainty it will work can be scary and at times intimidating… But I may as well plunge into it and see what happens rather than do nothing out of fear.[quote align=”alignright” name=”Nelson Mandela”]It always seems impossible until it’s done.[/quote]

There is a leading school of thought that says you can’t make a living from doing what you love… But I did it in the first half of my life via; I don’t see why I can’t do it again following where love leads me to create.

Doing so does require a good deal of trust in plowing forward… Something I have learned very much during my nomadic journey across our continent by following the wind wherever it takes me — it’s lead me to so many wondrous things, places, and people that have moved me deeply.

[quote align=”alignleft” name=”Christian D. Larson” ]Believe in yourself. There is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.[/quote]In the laboratory I plan on keeping it pure, i.e. no in your face techniques, hype, and such. There’s far too much of it on the internet these days and it’s not how I grew Gator Country. It was all organic and it works, even if it might take a bit longer.

In the beginning, I’ll be experimenting with a lot to find my groove, so please bear with me — it’s how I find my way, much like wandering in nature; paths will crystalize and simplify.

For now, at this very moment, I am very much focused first on the nomadic journey — that going with the wind wherever it takes me — and taking pictures and words as I go. Eventually, when the time feels right, I’ll dive into the laboratory and start figuring things out. 

Stay tuned to my blog and join me along the way. : )

P.S. If you’re doing sort of the same thing — this finding a new way of making a living, I’d like to hear from you — post a comment below. We’re never separate — it’s all a shared journey.

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