Hi there! I am a [rotate_words titles=”wanderer.,writer & poet.,shutterbug.,reiki master.,nature lover.”]
I live in a tiny camper somewhere.
I go wherever the wind takes me and
share the journey along the way.

Once upon a time I made a living crafting a love of mine into one of the largest college sports websites in the nation. Now I’m weaving a love of writing, visual arts, nature and mysticism & Reiki into a new living and nomadic life — all while roaming our beautiful continent in a little cabin with wheels as my home.

This is more than a blog: It’s a personal canvas where I write openly (joys and challenges both), chronicle forays into nature & humanity, and share photographs. I also send email dispatches with further insights and musings.

There is also my workshop where I talk shop on all things business, internet & technology.

I invite you to follow me along the wayWander in and make yourself comfortable!

(Who is this Ray guy anyway? Find out here.)