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Museful Wanderings
Here and There

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That feeling

That feeling of a cool breeze on a warm night… Timeless.

Pale blue eyes

She forgets cigarettes and loses the money Father demands their whereabouts, smiling with anger Trembling in pale blue eyes, she doesn't know

Alley Spring mill in the Ozarks

Grist mill on very edge of Alley Spring in Missouri. The spring empties into Jacks Fork river, a National Scenic River and National Park. You can camp just south of the Mill on the river and it was a beautiful, relaxing location.

Kayak view from Bonner’s Ferry

View from my kayak on Lake Smith near Bonner’s Ferry, ID. The orangish haze is smoke from nearby forest fires making for a bit of a surreal moment. Camped near the shore for a blissful week pretty much all by myself a couple years ago.

Convergent smile

I jumped back in time to when I was little, just starting school. There in the hallways, I saw Little Me about to enter class. Quickly, I darted to try and catch him so that I could tell him

Just updated the blogroll

My blogroll got a little stale with a few broken links. Just removed ’em and added new ones. If you know of an interesting blog I should follow, add it in the comments section. I also explain why you should have a blogroll if you don’t have one.

(Original hot air balloon image by Comfreak)