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You might be surprised, but the true roots of the world wide web are independent blogs like those I follow and keep up with. Fostering independent and diverse voices outside the silos of social networks are an important way of broadening our horizons.

Blogrolls” are one way of doing that where fellow bloggers share a roll (list) of blogs they recommend readers visit.

I use an RSS reader to automatically pull in the latest posts from these blogs so it’s easy to keep up. It’s a lot like having a newspaper with your own curated topics delivered instantly to you on-demand. I highly recommend you try one out.

For those starting out, I recommend Feedly since it’s free and has apps to go with it. If you’re a power user, I heartily recommend Feedbin or Inoreader. For an iOS RSS reader app, I recommend Unread. Android? FeedMe. For Macs, Reeder.

As you can see, I’ve provided [RSS] links next to each blog to make it easy for you to add it to your RSS reader.

These links have been imported from my RSS reader so they are reasonably up-to-date as I tend to trim feeds that have not been updated for a good while. If you find otherwise, just let me know in the comment form at the bottom.

P.S. If you have a hankering for your own blog, I encourage you to move forward on it! Here’s one way to get started at no cost.

P.P.S. If you find something compelling on a blog you’ve read, do the author a huge favor and comment on it, even if just to say hi! It’s how we connect and who knows, you could end up making a wonderful new friend. Let ’em know you’re out there, fellow readers!

 Fellow Wanderers:

[RSS] Exile Lifestyle
[RSS] Carrot Quinn
[RSS] To Simplify 2.0
[RSS] Interstellar Orchard
[RSS] Wheeling It
[RSS] As the Bird flies
[RSS] Wandering Earl
[RSS] rvsue and her canine crew
[RSS] nerd’s eye view
[RSS] Fearful Adventurer
[RSS] Cheap RV
[RSS] The Good Luck Duck
[RSS] A Little Adrift
[RSS] Blog – Live Small
[RSS] WatsonsWander
[RSS] Drivin’ & Vibin’
[RSS] Rolling Steel Tent
[RSS] Vagabond Journey Travel Stories and World Culture
[RSS] having my cake
[RSS] Fevered Mutterings
[RSS] Sock Monkey Trekkers
[RSS] The Snowmads
[RSS] Never Ending Footsteps
[RSS] Ardent Camper
[RSS] Mallory Paige
[RSS] This Battered Suitcase
[RSS] Just Finding Our Way
[RSS] River Guides journal
[RSS] Natural Navigator Blog
[RSS] De la Pura Vida
[RSS] Full Time Canada
[RSS] Candace Rose Rardon
[RSS] Brewed Journey
[RSS] Vanholio
[RSS] Along the Ray
[RSS] Mayo Jordanov
[RSS] Technomadia
[RSS] RV Blog for Frugal RV Travel
[RSS] Tales from a Van-Tramp couple

Art & Artists:

[RSS] The Great Discontent
[RSS] Brenda Swenson
[RSS] Citizen Sketcher
[RSS] Willa Köerner
[RSS] The Watercolour Log
[RSS] Watercolours With Life
[RSS] Artists Who THRIVE
[RSS] ultraMARIN
[RSS] paintings and adventures
[RSS] Sketching :: Drawing from Observation
[RSS] Jeanann Verlee
[RSS] Blog – The Gray Market
[RSS] Weiss Journal
[RSS] RedDotBlog
[RSS] Home – Leunig
[RSS] ric dragon
[RSS] Austin Kleon
[RSS] Frank Chimero
[RSS] Blog – Elsa Rhae
[RSS] Sue Smith Fine Art
[RSS] Ancient Artist Developing an art career after 50
[RSS] Maria Brophy
[RSS] Mark On Art

 Photography & Photographers:

[RSS] Craig Mod – The Sputnik Journal
[RSS] David duChemin – World & Humanitarian Photographer, Nomad, Author.
[RSS] Blog – CJ Chilvers
[RSS] jonasrask|photography
[RSS] Lighttraveler
[RSS] Delusions of Grandeur
[RSS] Craft & Vision
[RSS] David Moynahan Photography: Blog
[RSS] forssblog
[RSS] The PhotoBook Journal
[RSS] Joe Van Cleave’s Blog
[RSS] Kimberly Patino

Writing & Writers:

[RSS] Whatever
[RSS] Kristine Kathryn Rusch
[RSS] Steven Pressfield
[RSS] The Wayfinder – Hugh C. Howey
[RSS] The Passive Voice – Latest Updates
[RSS] WeGrowMedia
[RSS] Kristen Lamb’s Blog
[RSS] The Digital Reader
[RSS] Goins, Writer
[RSS] Alexandra Franzen
[RSS] Rands in Repose
[RSS] The Creative Penn
[RSS] The Cramped
[RSS] Russell Blake
[RSS] ae lefton ~ untold people, living stories
[RSS] Bedlam Farm Journal
[RSS] Neil Aitken
[RSS] Coyote Tracks
[RSS] Amazon Author Insights
[RSS] Mia Hollow
[RSS] Andrew Findlay Writes
[RSS] briannawiest
[RSS] Nicholas Erik
[RSS] Alison Taylor-Brown
[RSS] My little analog(ue) world
[RSS] a garden in riotous bloom
[RSS] Driftless Meditations
[RSS] The Glass Child
[RSS] Speeches to Worms

Personal blogs:

[RSS] Once upon the Wings of a Dragonfly

That’s all, folks! I do have more that aren’t as relevant to my blog, but if you’re interested in my entire list of feeds, holler in the comments below and I’ll send it to you.

Do you have a blog you’d like to recommend that fits in one of the above categories? Pop it in the comments below and I’ll check it out. It’d be most appreciated if you would reciprocate by linking back to me ( You scratch my back, I scratch yours, right? ; ) Thanks!

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