Another Montana stunner

Another stunning view I came across on my sojourns across Montana towards the Oregon coast.  Montana is full of surprises and a favorite of mine.

Spotted on the road

I saw a very cool spin on a traditional no trespassing sign in many places on my way down from Canada into Michigan. I like it and it’s good use of recycling. ; )

Thoughts of the day

This afternoon while hitting a couple auto parts stores fruitlessly looking for a fuse (apparently only available in Canada) for my power inverter, one of the clerks saw the kayak on top of my car and said he enjoyed kayaking too. It was a slow night at the store and his comment sparked an intriguing… Continue reading

Nature of the beast

A couple days ago I blew past my goal of walking two miles with a 2.4 mile mark and it felt great. Today I could only muster 1.7 miles and didn’t feel so hot afterwards. That’s the nature of the beast with Mr. Lyme. Some days you can push, some you can’t. I’ve learned to… Continue reading

All your eyes look the same

Over my nomadic travels, I’ve looked into thousands and thousands of your eyes through different interactions of all kinds. I’ve seen the most brilliant variety of colors in ’em all, ranging from black to brown, blue to green, and even from grey to white. I’ve also witnessed all ranges of emotions within yours. Joy, anger,… Continue reading

When walking two miles is a big deal

Walked over two miles (2.4 to be exact!) today… It’s funny how two miles was nuttin’ in the past; it’s what I usually did each morning with a cup of coffee to wake up into the day. Yet today it’s a big milestone out of the way and I’m happy. It’s also a mental hurdle… Continue reading

It’s good to sweat again

Yesterday I hauled my kayak out to Newnans lake for a sojourn on the water. It’s the second time out paddling since recovering from a too-long dance with Mr. Lyme. The gentle swells and swaying of the kayak is soothing, a perfect balm for a soul missing its tangles with nature. It was nice to… Continue reading