Surreal Santa Rosa sunset

View from my campsite when I was on Lake Canuilla with sun setting over the Santa Rosa mountains in La Quinta, California. It’s not far from the famed Salton Sea.

Oregon magic

I came across this multilayered scene while crossing Oregon to the coast. Oregon is a magical country with nature galore in the fashion of mountains, oceans, deserts, rain forests, and so much more. It is endless.


Every few weeks I get a regular visitor named Melancholy. At first she slips in ever so subtly until I begin to feel her weight in my body. I used to fight her presence, running from her or doing whatever it took to keep her from taking ahold of me. I didn’t like the way… Continue reading

Re-learning the language of limits

A lesson I’ve learned from Mr. Lyme is knowing my limits. I’ve been a rebel since my childhood days where I have a propensity to push boundaries as far as I can to see what would happen. Constantly pushing and probing has been the modus operandi of my life — I didn’t know how not… Continue reading

Dreams of running

These days I often have dreams of running. I haven’t been able to run for a good while since being knocked down by Mr. Lyme. The last time I ran was the day I crashed hard afterwards and knew something was seriously wrong. The running dreams are usually beautiful. I’m running effortlessly with unlimited energy… Continue reading

Bad days

I didn’t feel so hot when I woke up this morning so I knew I was in for a long day. My acupuncture physician has reminded me even though I’ve turned a major corner in my healing process, that there will always be an occasional bad day due to the nature of the beast. It… Continue reading