Storms of the past


Intriguing view of a Montana countryside with thunderstorms in the background. It takes me back to the days of settlers, cowboys, and fields of Buffalo…

Touching the sun

This is one of my favorite photos caught at a serendipitous moment. It’s as if the water is reaching out to touch the sun and becomes infused with its warmth. Taken in Sarasota, Florida.

To be roofless again

Life as a wandering nomad the past few years has changed me. It has woken my soul and I’ve found it is restless. Out there I was always hiking, jogging in the woods, kayaking, etc. I loved exploring new grounds and finding new adventures. It kept me alive in spirit. Before, I used to sit… Continue reading

View off coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

View off the coast of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Out of all the destinations I’ve camped on the American continent, Nova Scotia is one of my favorites. It reminds me of a northern version of Costa Rica with raw beauty.

Solitude in the rain

Rain has a way of driving people away and inside, emptying the earth of inhabitants. Those are the times I feel freer – even in the city. It’s when a new, secret world comes to life, calling out to my soul to come and play. I decide to go for swim — a favorite thing… Continue reading

Losing a best friend

I remember when I first saw him in high school. His sister, a good friend of mine, pointed across a campus yard and said, “That’s my brother.” He looked a bit like Harry Potter with his backpack and glasses and the way he trudged to class. I met him later at their home and it… Continue reading

“You’re too solitary”

An old flame once told me I was too solitary when I spoke of the need for alone time in the woods and how much I relished being by myself. She understood to an extent but didn’t quite get the depth of it. She called me her lone wolf. Maybe it has to do with… Continue reading