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Nature of the beast

A couple days ago I blew past my goal of walking two miles with a 2.4 mile mark and it felt great. Today I could only muster 1.7 miles and didn’t feel so hot afterwards. That’s the nature of the beast with Mr. Lyme. Some days you can push, some you can’t. I’ve learned to… Continue reading

All your eyes look the same

Over my nomadic travels, I’ve looked into thousands and thousands of your eyes through different interactions of all kinds. I’ve seen the most brilliant variety of colors in ’em all, ranging from black to brown, blue to green, and even from grey to white. I’ve also witnessed all ranges of emotions within yours. Joy, anger,… Continue reading

When walking two miles is a big deal

Walked over two miles (2.4 to be exact!) today… It’s funny how two miles was nuttin’ in the past; it’s what I usually did each morning with a cup of coffee to wake up into the day. Yet today it’s a big milestone out of the way and I’m happy. It’s also a mental hurdle… Continue reading

It’s good to sweat again

Yesterday I hauled my kayak out to Newnans lake for a sojourn on the water. It’s the second time out paddling since recovering from a too-long dance with Mr. Lyme. The gentle swells and swaying of the kayak is soothing, a perfect balm for a soul missing its tangles with nature. It was nice to… Continue reading

Beloved, I miss you.

I know you’re everywhere.

But it’s out there…

in vast oceans lapping your shores

in soaring mountains laden with your sharp breath

in dry deserts teaming with your wordless life

in secret coves and hidden lakes where your beauty abounds

in rain forests enveloping your musky sweat

in seaside cliffs where your seals and whales play below

in forests of tall trees where your bears chase me

in silent sunsets that slowly explode of your essence

in quiet stars and solitary moon that sing of you

…where I feel you the most.

Moon over the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada

Two dreams ten years apart

The other night I had an unforgettable dream that rocked me out of my sleep: I was traveling and it looked like I was in New Orleans or a place very similar. I was hungry and I went into a restaurant/pub, it was packed so folks were sharing tables. I ended up at a table… Continue reading

Facing an angry El Morro

On my wanderings through New Mexico, I was thrilled to find free campsites (with water and bathrooms too!) could be had at the El Morro National Monument. Even better, straight from camp you could hike up to the top of El Morro and view what was left of ancient Native American pueblos left by the… Continue reading