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Dreams that bleed into you

You ever have dreams that bleed into you on a deep, profound level? When you wake up, you’re very quiet inside/outside and highly sensitive to everything around you, as if you’ve been peeled open by unseen hands. It’s that expansive, raw feeling that stretches beyond humanity. Where you feel the deepest love, the deepest sorrow,… Continue reading

Seed of hope reborn

After years of fighting a chronic and incurable illness, once strong floodgates holding within finally cracked and blew open, unleashing a torrent of despair. My will, my strength, my heart… Which survived so many trials as the rock of my world, shattered into millions of pieces. Ominous thoughts of killing myself flitted in and out,… Continue reading

Life and death and a squirrel

One a weekend long ago I was exploring and came across an abandoned cabin. When I stepped onto the porch, I saw a dead squirrel lying on the wooden planks amidst the dust, apparently trapped when it came in and couldn’t remember the way out. It wasn’t too long ago that it died because its… Continue reading

Bee on a sunflower

Bee on a solitary sunflower in Canada

While passing through a seaside village in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia I came across a yard exploding of sunflowers and snapped a few photos. I was reminded my daughter needs something for her bare walls & loves sunflowers so I dug this out for framing. I think she’ll be happy.

Reminisces with Father (and) Time

The other day Dad and I took a long walk where we reflected upon life and such. He spoke again of his dream of moving to a little cottage tucked away in an old fishing town with a yard and a dog. Where he could take long walks with his dog, hang out with other salt-of-the-earth folks and — most joyfully — go fishing.

All these things are deeply ingrained within; I saw it in his father as well. Grandpa lived in a quaint home by the sea that was within walking distance of his fishing spot. He’d consort with fellow souls and they’d share stories through the hours.

Continue reading

Tiny typewriter for a tiny camper

Finally! A tiny typewriter fer a tiny camper! After much hunting around, found this baby. It’s an Italian made Antares portable typewriter. These kind of analog things can be very rooting and meditative. Looking forward to banging letters, postcards, poetry, etc. out on it. If you happen to hear a clacking way out in the woods, you’ll know…

Walk in the swamp

Walk in the Swamp

View from this evening’s sunset walk in the swamp at Barr Hammock preserve in Gainesville, Florida (yes, where I almost stepped on an alligator).

Haunting sunset view from Joshua Tree

Orocopia Mountain near Joshua TreeHaunting sunset view over Orocopia Mountain from my campsite near the “gateway” of Joshua Tree in California. This was a free boondocking site that almost always delivers spectacular sunsets with a beautiful desert in the backyard.

Soul nourishment

My little girl was sick so I brought soup and such over to her flat. We ate, we talked (boyfriends, weird professors, work issues, shows to binge, life, etc.), we laughed, and we hugged. Those kind of soul nourishing moments become forever memories of a forever love.❤️