A rock named Melancholy

Melancholy is an old friend of mine, I’ve carried that rock around for a good while. I used to think it was my enemy but one day I realized it’s part of the whole – who I am. I’ve since made friends with it but I don’t serve it tea when it visits.

Rather than resist when it comes knocking at the door, I open it and make sure to open the door on the other side to let it flow through.

When I feel deeply I do my best to meditate more and get lost in nature, let the song of my soul roam free however it desires. In that I dance in the paradox of seeing the blissful intensity of life in the way the leaf falls to the ground while still feeling the tendrils of those dark nights.

Yin and yang.

It’s not easy stuff, this dance on the razor’s edge, but maybe that’s why we glow stardust in the darkness of outer space through the essence of our authenticity as we embrace the whole.

Darkness restores what light cannot repair.Joseph Brodsky

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