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Facing an angry El Morro

On my wanderings through New Mexico, I was thrilled to find free campsites (with water and bathrooms too!) could be had at the El Morro National Monument. Even better, straight from camp you could hike up to the top of El Morro and view what was left of ancient Native American pueblos left by the… Continue reading

Sometimes I think of us

I think of us
walking down a trail
holding hands

You in your
light summer dress,
breeze flowing
through your hair.

I in my element
feeling barefoot earth,
green all around
making me glow.

Warm smiles
serene peace
joyous eyes
hearts afire

Sun’s rays behind us
We turn to each other
Look deeply into eyes
Our tender lips meet
and we melt together.

View of Snake River, Oregon

Snake River in Oregon. A deer crossed here moments before. My campsite was right on the river just around the bend for an incredible camping experience with incredible views. I’d take a swim in the afternoons to cool off, very cold but invigorating.

White light of Kundalini dream

I left one of the most beautiful, surreal, and serene campsites I’ve ever been in — it was very private up a mountain, had several brooks and a creek meandering through the middle of it and had a plethora of life — butterflies, birds (hummingbirds too!), chipmunks, deer, etc. It was a perfect respite from… Continue reading

More magic on Campobello Island

More magic Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada (I originally placed it in Nova Scotia, my mistake). You can camp on the island and walk over to the coastal side to these kind of views. It’s a very magical place.

Relics of a past on Campobello Island

This was one of the first things I saw after entering Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada. Most of the village is like this with worn-color homes of a quaint seaside nature. Beautiful place to visit.

Baby steps into the water

I finally found the courage today to launch my kayak into a nearby lake. It’s been several months since I last kayaked. I wasn’t at full strength and I was nervous, especially untying and unloading the kayak which requires quite a bit of yanking and lifting and grunting. The thing about dealing with Mr. Lyme… Continue reading

Thoughts after a month of daily blogging

Today will mark thirty three consecutive days of writing and posting photographs to my blog. Just over a month ago I wrote of an audicious challenge to post every day for a year. The challenge was to get into a regular habit of creative expression to help find my voice. Some days I have struggled… Continue reading