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Haunting sunset view from Joshua Tree

Orocopia Mountain near Joshua TreeHaunting sunset view over Orocopia Mountain from my campsite near the “gateway” of Joshua Tree in California. This was a free boondocking site that almost always delivers spectacular sunsets with a beautiful desert in the backyard.

Soul nourishment

My little girl was sick so I brought soup and such over to her flat. We ate, we talked (boyfriends, weird professors, work issues, shows to binge, life, etc.), we laughed, and we hugged. Those kind of soul nourishing moments become forever memories of a forever love.❤️

Vermont countryside

It’s been a rainy and overcasty past few days, time to pretend this Vermont countryside is my window view (note tiny house on far left and farmhouse on far right – click here for panoramic view).

View of Vermont countryside in spring

From the travel notebook

From the travel notebook: Fountain pen sketch of window view from a very cool bookstore/cafe in Manchester, Vermont called Spiral Press. I ended up going several times, it’s heaven for serious coffee & pastry and book-lovers.

Amphibious airplane in Canada

That’s how they do that voodoo they do in northern Canada to get around… Had the great fortune of being able to camp right on the shore and watch ’em go at it. Some even fish from their airplanes! Canucks, love ’em.Amphibious airplane docked on lakeshore in Canada

Notes of the Deaf

Picture me trying those new-fangled “smart” speakers: I tell it to turn my lamp on, it turns my coffee maker on. I try to eludicate more clearly, it flushes the toilet. Then I try saying it louder and I feel music suddenly blaring from the speakers. Frustrated, I yell that I’m deaf and can’t hear shit and it turns everything off, plunging the house into darkness. For those of us with speech defects, comically useless. ; )

Back in Florida

I’m currently kinda-sorta-sequestered away from the nomad life in Florida for a bit of time while I take care of business stuff. Most of it involves finishing upgrades and such to our website to make it a more solid and pleasing experience for our customers.

I could keep doing it while on the road, but this kind of server-intensive stuff I prefer to do while dry docked somewhere with reliable high speed internet and nice, big computer monitors. Best to stay in one place and bang it all out so when it’s done I can roam free once again without worry.

Sunset in Sarasota, Florida

I haven’t exactly been fastened to one place the entire time — I’ve been shuttling between Sarasota and Gainesville, places where I have family so it’s a good way of changing the scenery so I don’t get bored too easily. And both places are relatively warm in what’s been a cold winter — bonus points!

As soon I finish up and hit the road again (I should say “when I hit the home again”, because the road is home for me…), I will update this.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this quote:

There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.Charlotte Eriksson

Notes of the Deaf

After watching online comms (BBSes, internet, texting, chat, etc.) bloom into an equalizer for the deaf by bridging to a previously unheard world, I’m curious to see how the bridge holds up over widening fissures from the proliferation of video, podcasts, and Echo-like devices.

View from Columbia river

View from I-84 on Washington/Oregon border via Columbia river. The landscape endlessly morphs into tall cliffs, vast fields, mountains & forests replete with waterfalls. I’d highly recommend bucket listing this drive. BONUS: Lots of free waterfront camping along the way.