Date Archives November 2017

The beloved

It was one of those times I wasn’t feeling too well so I took it easy by camping around a week on Prado Reservoir near Corona, California. There was a good sized lake home to thousands of birds of all kinds. In the mornings and evenings I’d take long, slow walks around the shore as a healing meditation of sorts. During one of those walks I saw this sunset beauty, a Great Blue Heron, as it alighted from a tree. It soared with such grace and elegance I felt my soul lift with it, bringing deep feelings of gratitude and bliss. When you witness the beloved, you become the beloved.

Stumbling upon Sitting Bull

I felt I had stepped back into time seeing vast, rolling hills and prairies. My heart soared as I imagined millions of buffalo, horses, stags, and such roaming these plains only a hundred years or so ago. Just across the river in the photo is where Sitting Bull and Sacajawea (of Lewis and Clark fame)… Continue reading

Beautiful embrace

In the above photo, I was driving on a mountain pass through northern Idaho on the way to Oregon and ended up pulling over on a switchback to stare up at the peak in reverence for a good while…

What I saw was the long hand of winter finally reaching down to swaddle the trees in her coldness. The trees awaited that gentle embrace because it meant they could at long last rest into deep slumber and it would be the first step towards that time of renewal ahead in spring.

Bit by bit, tree by tree she consumed all until there was nothing left but vast whiteness and coldness. That was my first glimpse of winter that day and it was one of the most beautiful embraces I’d ever witnessed.

Extraordinary souls on the road

I have fond memories of the area, but what I remember most was a middle aged homeless woman camped near me in her small car. Over the next few mornings, I’d bring hot coffee and bagels over and we’d chat. First about books, the area, camping life, etc. Over time her story unfolded bit by… Continue reading