Date Archives November 2015

The desire to relate

Our desire to relate with others can be beautiful yet haunting because what we seek goes deeper than the you and I.Ray

Our perceived truths

I used to take everyone’s perceived truths of me as gospel. Then one day I realized the only gospel is within me.Ray

The wind whispers

I’m reading outside beneath tall trees.
The wind kicks in and turns a page of my book.
I look up and say:
I love you too.


Eyes of a farmer

There’s this old farmer I see at the local cafe now and then, he looks like a bear of a man, all weathered and such. Sometimes he has a straw hat. He’s quiet too, blends into the background with his pot belly and faded farmer’s outfit. But it’s his eyes that stand out. They’re so… Continue reading


Out of the blue, I felt her intensely in the fiber of my being from across the miles. It had been a long time. I wondered: Does she still think of me also? The wind whirled and a rare tremor rumbled underneath. Then silence. Later that evening I stood on the porch and stared at… Continue reading