Date Archives October 2015

My mother, a cold, Reiki, Pompeii, and past lives

My mom caught a cold while touring Italy so as a Reiki Master, I sent her distance Reiki. It’s also a meditation and sometimes I’ll see things such as symbols, messages, past lives, etc. In the midst of her Reiki session, I unexpectedly saw a volcano erupting, killing many below. Naturally, I thought of Pompeii… Continue reading

Last dance of bliss

The world began ending tonight. I pushed my kayak onto my beloved river for one last dance of bliss together. The sky was already brilliantly aflame in dark, swirling, seething orange-red conflagrations spiraling through the horizon. It was a haunting contrast: the sky awash in fire while surrounded by edges of dark night and stoic… Continue reading

Breaking free

The first half of my life I built a jail to keep myself in. Entering the second half of my life, I’ve been liberating myself free of that jail. Ray