Date Archives March 2014

Let your feelings FEEL

Sometimes, feelings just want to *feel*… To dance freely in the space you are without judgment, identification, being boxed in, pushed out, or to be figured out.Ray

Love never changes

I was working late one night, winding down and this thought cascaded into my mind: “Love never changes — it’s our own human-ness and response to it that changes.” Does it make sense to you? Maybe in the beginning when we fell deeply in love, we were swept up in it. Then sometimes we get… Continue reading

The way a leaf falls…

The way a leaf falls and sways to the ground… It’s an intense symphony between the universe, nature, and ourselves as witnesses to an intricate dance that’s been ongoing for millennia from the moment the very first leaf fell from the very first tree. …a timeless, forever dance to remind us of our immortality in… Continue reading

Life breathes through you

One afternoon I was a little stressed out knowing that I’m going to be walking into an emotionally volatile situation in the next couple days. It’s not something that can be avoided, or healthy boundaries set by — it’s just something that has to be done. My mind was actually okay, it was my heart… Continue reading

Ocean of universe

I’ll never forget this and I struggle to describe this because words are inadequate… It’s one of those moments that have become forever seared into my soul: After running on the beach just before sunset, I dove into the ocean and swam far out. I end up well past the waves, just floating in the… Continue reading

Dreams of a waterbug

Ever since I was a wee one, I’ve always had a beautiful relationship with water. I was born in Ormond Beach (part of Daytona Beach these days) and our neighborhood was right across the street from the ocean, so we would go there often. My dad always had a boat of one kind or another… Continue reading